For first time visitors: What we do here at StatSocial is analyze social media audiences. That means any grouping of individuals you could imagine coming together in a social media context. From a specific company’s or individual’s fans, to those tweeting of a certain topic or employing a certain hashtag, to any conceivable, identifiable grouping that could occur in a social media context.

We scour every corner of the social web to learn as much as humanly possible about the folks in that group. We know who they are, how old they are and in what percentages, we know from where they are, we know what they like and dislike, what they do on the web, what brands they prefer, and so forth. If social media is in any way a part of your marketing plan — and in 2016, let’s face it, it is — then the value in the data we provide we believe is pretty evident.

You can learn more here, and check out some sample reports here.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

StatSocial and Bottlenose Partner to Integrate Real-Time Social Audience Data with Stream Intelligence Platform

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Bottlenose to provide real time social audience data into their Nerve Center product.

Bottlenose Nerve Center® provides real-time business intelligence for brands and enterprises to detect threats and opportunities by analyzing stream data. StatSocial complements this service with data aggregated and standardized across more than 60 sources, allowing Bottlenose customers to understand defining characteristics of any audience.

Nerve Center now includes audience gender, age, ethnicity/race, income, and education levels, as well as location — city, state, country, and DMAs. Customers can also find out what an audience likes: with more than 370 interests, 9000 consumer brands, 23,000 celebrities and influencers, and over 1100 TV shows now baked into every audience tracked within the platform.

“Bottlenose is bringing StatSocial audience data to life in a way we’ve never seen before,” said Michael Hussey, CEO of StatSocial. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this talented and forward thinking team. Their customers are going to love this.”

“Business intelligence today means stream intelligence, being able to apply data science in real time against myriad streaming sources to discover patterns,” noted Nova Spivack, CEO and Co-founder of Bottlenose. “Integrating StatSocial demographics and affinities into Nerve Center gives our customers the most well-rounded view of the social consumer available today, and helps us produce actionable intelligence from all forms of streaming data.”

See the full press release here

New StatSocial Report Functionality: Demographic Filters

We are excited to announce a new feature in StatSocial’s platform! By popular demand, we now allow users to filter reports based on demographic segments (sex, age, location).

Filtering reports allows will allow users to:

  • Tailor Content to each segment based on their preferences to increase engagement
  • Research key differences in segments to plan promotions and buy appropriate media for campaigns
  • Identify influencers for each audience to increase brand engagement

How To Filter a StatSocial Report

1. Open the report you would like to filter

2. Select the drop down menu on the upper right hand of the report named “Report Filter”

3. Select the filters you would like to apply to the report. (note: when filtering by location, users can only choose one location per report)

4. Name your new report

5. Click “Submit” to generate a new report.

The new report will start generating immediately in the same folder of the original report. Each filtered report will count against your allotted reports for the month.

StatSocial Updates: New Affinities, Age Segment, and Features

We’ve made some updates to our data and platform to introduce new features and more data for our users.

New Affinities

We have refreshed our affinity database, which includes new baselines to ensure our data reflects the current state of Twitter activity. This refresh includes 800 new brands and categorizing TV shows by genre. New affinities will display in all new reports.

Teenage Age Segement

We are now including 13–18 year olds in our reports as “Under 18” in our Age Breakdown. This segment will appear in all new reports.

Default Baseline Setting

The default baseline will now be set to US, World, Canada, and UK baselines are still available through the drop down menu

Aggregate Follower Reports

You now have the ability to aggregate multiple follower reports through the platform. When creating a new follower report insert all handles you wish to aggregate separated by a comma. (“IBM, Microsoft” would run a report on the followers of IBM and Microsoft in the same report)

Age by Gender

The metric “Age by Gender” will no longer be provided in reports.

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