Develop Accurate & Actionable Personas

Marketers spend their days trying to think like their target audience, but the truth is that without social data, that’s a nearly impossible feat. First-party data, purchase data, and market research only scratch the surface when it comes to buyer behavior and analysis. Silhouette™ delivers the critical insights needed to get to know who your buyers are and how to attract more people just like them.

Build Persona-Based Audiences Using Social Insights

With Silhouette, build social audiences at scale based on 85,000 criteria including your target persona’s passions, personality, preferred media, and more.

Use Social Data to Enhance Existing Persona Definitions

Overlay social insights on top of your first-party or purchase data to gain a 360-degree view of your customers and build more comprehensive personas for targeting.

Analyze Competitor Audiences for Targeting

Gain insights on the unique attributes of your competitor audiences to determine key similarities, differences, and areas of opportunity for future prospecting.