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Baby Diapers for Newborns & Infants

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Credit Cards, Rewards & Banking

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Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich

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American Youtuber

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American fast casual restaurant chain based in New York City

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Our Solutions

Audience Intelligence

Tap into the industry’s largest collection of social audience insights to better understand your customers’ interests, passions, media preferences, and more. Map social accounts and offline identities to unique individuals for a 360-degree view of your buyers.

Persona Creation

Develop key personas based on your customers’ unique attributes including their demographic data, personality traits, and brand affinities. With the help of Silhouette, build audiences using defined personas to scale reach far beyond your existing target lists.

Data Enrichment

Append or supplement first-party data with rich social insights to understand who your consumers are, what drives their decision-making, and how to reach them most effectively. Send audience data directly to your CRM, DMP, or attribution system.

Social Audience Retargeting

Connect your existing platforms to StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph spanning 1.3 billion accounts across social and community networks. Activate deterministic audience data, delivered directly to paid media partners or integrated into your martech stack.

Influencer Audiences & Attribution

Take a more data-driven approach to your influencer & earned media campaigns. Identify key influencers and thought leaders  your audiences are actually engaged with, and attribute value to those campaigns in the same way you do for your paid media.

Research Panels & Appends

Leverage the scale and depth of Silhouette’s social insights to fill gaps in your market research programs. With 85,000 taxonomies across a database of 300 million people around the globe, identify survey panel members who are already engaged in relevant topics.



  • Address over 60 million key B2B decision makers based on the content they consume and the influencers they listen to.
  • Tap into Silhouette’s actionable insights, easily segmented by company or job title.


  • Reach your consumers based on their passions, lifestyle, and brand affinities.
  • Partner with influencers that will reach prospects and customers, and leverage audience insights for attribution modeling.

Media & Entertainment

  • Leverage social and community insights for more than 15,000 media properties.
  • Target audiences that are engaging with TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, YouTube channels, and more.

Tap Into a Goldmine of Consumer Insights.

Social media is a fixture in consumers’ everyday lives and the data that comes from it should be a fixture in yours.

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