Bring Social Data to the Forefront of Your Marketing Initiatives

Social insights are a critical gap when it comes to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Silhouette™ captures this missing piece of the data puzzle and can integrate with your other first-party and third-party systems.


Gain a Holistic View of Your Customers

Using StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph, connect the dots between social profiles and offline identities to get a complete understanding of your customers.


Enrich First-Party Data to Fuel Marketing Efforts

Overlay audience insights on top of your CRM or other first-party datasets to better understand your customers and what drives their decision-making.

Supplement First-Party Data For Targeting

In lieu of first-party data, utilize Silhouette’s rich audience insights including demographic profiles and email information for customer targeting.

Take Action on Social Audience Data

Send audience data directly to your paid media partners, to your DMP for further modeling, or to any attribution or sales platform to measure lift in ROI.