Transforming Market Research

Imagine an 85,000 question survey given out to 300 million people across the globe— that is Silhouette™ in a nutshell. 

Looking to create the optimum survey panel? Silhouette saves your research team time and money by enabling you to create panels based on thousands of descriptive attributes.  With a proven track record and an impressive match rate, Silhouette has helped leading market research companies streamline their panel outreach and enrich their existing dataset.

StatSocial - Transforming Market Research with Social Insights

Enhance Surveys and Panels with Earned & Social Data

Enrich Your Survey & Panel Identity Data

Deepen your survey and panel data by overlaying insights from StatSocial’s 300 million audience profiles. Index your panel against our 85,000-segment taxonomy to gather data around their demographics, interests, passions.


Model Audiences Based on Survey Results

Once you have the key findings from your survey, Silhouette can give you an audience at scale that matches your target personas. Then activate that audience across any digital media channel.


Create Custom Surveys for Targeted Outreach

Save time and resources by identifying survey panel members who are already engaged in the topic or category most relevant to your initiative. Simply provide the criteria and Silhouette gives you the right audience to survey.