Bring Paid Media Tactics to Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer outreach, don’t rely on preconceived notions around influencer audiences or vanity metrics such as follower count or audience reach. Move beyond ‘engagements’ with Silhouette™, empowering agencies and brands to discover and validate influencers based on their audience’s actual interests, passions, and personalities. And Silhouette lets you directly connect influencer campaigns with revenue and other real world KPIs.

influencer attribution

Find the Most Influential Influencers

Using Silhouette, identify and rank influencers based on the audiences you care about. With over 85,000 attributes to select from, your ability to customize influencer targets will be nearly limitless.

Attribute Value to Influencer Campaigns

Analyze influencer audiences and map engagements back to actual individuals and offline identities. Send audience data to third-party attribution systems to measure revenue impact tied to specific influencer campaigns.

Retarget Influencer Audiences Anywhere

Deliver social audience insights directly to paid media partners, integrate the data with your DSP for further campaign enhancement, or reach audiences using organic influencer marketing tactics.