Social Insights for B2B Audience Targeting

Silhouette contains social information for over 60 million decision makers and enables you to target them based on their interest in specific topics, the thought leaders they follow, and their preferred media sources.

Explore Competitive Insights to Uncover New Audiences

Compare your audience to that of your competitors to identify similarities, differences, and opportunities to improve your brand outreach. 

Revamp Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Use Silhouette’s massive B2B dataset to build audiences based on job titles and employer data, then engage them on the topics they care about.


Identify Relevant Influencers for Nurture Campaigns

Discover and validate micro and macro influencers most likely to impact your audience’s purchase decisions, and attribute value to those campaigns.

Engage Your Audiences on Their Preferred Channels

Gain an understanding of the social and earned media channels your audiences most frequently engage with so you can better align your campaigns.

Pre-built taxonomies across:

Million Decision-Makers

Industry Categories

Job Titles

Business & Tech Influencers