StatSocial and Bottlenose Partner to Integrate Real-Time Social Audience Data with Stream Intelligence Platform

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Bottlenose to provide real time social audience data into their Nerve Center product.

Bottlenose Nerve Center® provides real-time business intelligence for brands and enterprises to detect threats and opportunities by analyzing stream data. StatSocial complements this service with data aggregated and standardized across more than 60 sources, allowing Bottlenose customers to understand defining characteristics of any audience.

Nerve Center now includes audience gender, age, ethnicity/race, income, and education levels, as well as location — city, state, country, and DMAs. Customers can also find out what an audience likes: with more than 370 interests, 9000 consumer brands, 23,000 celebrities and influencers, and over 1100 TV shows now baked into every audience tracked within the platform.

“Bottlenose is bringing StatSocial audience data to life in a way we’ve never seen before,” said Michael Hussey, CEO of StatSocial. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this talented and forward thinking team. Their customers are going to love this.”

“Business intelligence today means stream intelligence, being able to apply data science in real time against myriad streaming sources to discover patterns,” noted Nova Spivack, CEO and Co-founder of Bottlenose. “Integrating StatSocial demographics and affinities into Nerve Center gives our customers the most well-rounded view of the social consumer available today, and helps us produce actionable intelligence from all forms of streaming data.”

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PR Week: StatSocial allows you to analyze customized groups of Twitter users

We were recently in PR Week & The Hub featuring our client, Doremus, and their use of StatSocial platform and API.

We recently helped plan a highly effective physical event for one of the world’s largest tech companies as a result of knowing detailed demographic information about the company’s audience. For example, we used social data and age profiles to get a sense of the sweet spot for this audience and plan activities this audience would gravitate toward.

E-Commerce Times: Twitter Takes it on the Chin

CEO, Michael Hussey, was featured on E-Commerce Times for his comments on the recent Twitter earnings.

Advertisers will have a much better reach on Twitter once the company fully leverages Mopub, said Michael Hussey, CEO of StatSocial.

It’s been about a year and a half since Twitter acquired the mobile ad platform, he noted. However, Twitter’s integration with Google, expected in May, could be as important or more so than the Mopub functionality.

Washington Examiner: Conservatives’ social media diet more balanced than liberals’

Our CEO, Michael Hussey, was featured on Washington Examiner for his comments related to our Top Political Journalist and Bloggers List, focusing on the difference between the conservative and liberal audiences.

Hussey told the Examiner that StatSocial categorized left and right-leaning Twitter users by examining user data, including what social media users like, what their interests are and what they follow.

The group found that left-leaning Twitter users not only outnumber conservatives, but that they are also interested in hearing only from like-minded media figures, while right-leaning users hear from both sides.

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Washington Examiner: How to become an ‘influential’ journalist on Twitter

Our head of marketing, Audrey Hungerman, was featured on Washington Examiner for her quotes surrounding our Top Political Journalists list. Hungerman focused on how to become and “influential” journalist on social.

“Mainly, you follow someone because they’re tweeting content you’re interested in,” Hungerman told the Washington Examiner. “The content they share should be about politics and what interests you.”’

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