Transforming Market Research Panels with Social Insights: Who Is Most Receptive to Advertising?

Transforming Market Research Panels with Social Insights: Who Is Most Receptive to Advertising?


News Media Outlets With Audiences Most Receptive to Advertising

Liberal/progressive-politics oriented news website, Upworthy, edges out all other news sources on this chart. The population solicited for this panel is 30.4% more likely than the average U.S. consumer to visit the site routinely.  

Shifting perspectives, those of the “receptive to advertising” class are 28% more likely than the average to turn to the famously conservative, Fox News, to keep up with current events. The advertising-receptive actually under-index when it comes to engaging with CNN.

Much of what the news reports is going to naturally be political. But moving on from news reported with a political slant, a bit later in the entry we will consider outlets for whom politics is the whole point. 









Favorite Syndicated TV Shows for People Most Receptive to Advertising

StatSocial analyzes audiences for more than 2,000 TV shows, grouping them by network and genre. For this analysis, we looked at a group of Syndicated TV shows, with ad time that is normally more economical, and customizable by region, than what a major network traditionally offers. Knowing which of these shows boasts a viewership that is statistically more likely to be receptive to a brand’s message is terrifically valuable data for media planners. Ron Popeil didn’t, after all, make his millions from advertising during the Super Bowl.

Looking at this chart we see, right up top, the longest-running syndicated game show of all time (in the U.S.), which is about 38 seasons, or so, into its run. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans are 44.3% more likely to be most receptive to advertising than the average US consumer.

As was reported by Quartz in 2016, political advertisements have been quite lucrative for the syndicated stalwart. The show is primarily viewed by those ages 65 and up, and is said to have TV’s oldest viewership. This is a famously motivated voting bloc, but this is not the only advertising that could be received well by their audience.

StatSocial has a treasure trove of insights to share regarding the viewers of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ (as well as every other show on this list, and every other item in this entry).


Political Websites Read by People Most Receptive to Advertising

Politics may be a topic best avoided in mixed company. It has long been the impetus for much in the way of advertising and marketing innovation, birthing many widely-adopted and highly-effective approaches. It is also an area of popular media where many pairs of engaged eyes will be focused, as it touches most of our lives.

The Tucker Carlson co-founded, The Daily Caller, is the most prominent site here. With the ad-receptive 42.1% more likely to be routine visitors than the average consumers.

The remaining three of the top four most over-indexed sites also lean unambiguously to the right; Breitbart at 26.8%, RedState at 17.3%, and TheBlaze at 15.7%.

As these are explicitly political websites, and therefore of appeal to a specific type of audience, it’s always wisest to consider the full audience profile set before you. While learning slightly right, perhaps, on the whole the data paints a picture of a politically diverse group.


Personality Traits of People Most Receptive to Advertising

One of the most unique sets of insights unique to StatSocial are the personality traits from IBM Watson™ and their Personality Insights service.

In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, overarching categories. IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.








The Importance of Social Audiences and Insights: Attribution of Social Audiences with Consumer Purchase Data

The Importance of Social Audiences and Insights: Attribution of Social Audiences with Consumer Purchase Data

The Best Back-to-School Audiences on YouTube

The Best Back-to-School Audiences on YouTube

By Stacy Tsultsumova

The month of August is here, which means that Back-to-School shopping season is peaking. Parents around the country are looking for the best deals for supplies and kid clothing, while companies are advertising heavily trying to reach its core audience during the annual Back-to-School frenzy. At StatSocial we recognize an opportunity when a social media trend correlates with an increase in commercial activity. Back-to-School season is a perfect way for us to demonstrate a brand new feature of our audience reports — specifically YouTube channel insights. For this analysis, we identify which YouTube channels are most relevant to Back-to-School shopping enthusiasts.

While advertising optimization has been traditionally focused on reach, forward-thinking brands are optimizing for ROI. Understanding the niche audiences that are best aligned is the first step in that process.

These insight can inform media buyers, very quickly increasing efficiency in targeting their most relevant audience while leveraging YouTube’s incredible reach. Media sellers on YouTube can also leverage this data to optimize their pitches and campaigns, ensuring they work with the best possible advertisers most aligned with their audience.


We looked back over the past 30 days to identify a sample of approximately 25,000 consumers engaging with popular back-to-school (B2S) hashtags, including #back2school, #backtoschool, and #”backtoschool.” We then overlaid that audience against the 10,000+ media properties in our taxonomy, which now includes nearly 1,500 YouTube channels.

Back-to-School Audience Demographics

The B2S enthusiasts are then compared to the average American on social media, built off a baseline of more than 100 million people. We then can pinpoint what makes the back-to-school enthusiasts unique across a variety of demographic, psychographic, and affinity data points. Right off the bat, and perhaps not surprisingly, this is a majority female crowd.

StatSocial’s Media Taxonomy

Every StatSocial audience report includes over 10,000 media properties, encompassing movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, podcasts, websites, and more. Let’s zoom in on the YouTube channel affinities.

The leading YouTube categories for the pre-dominantly female B2S crowd are Music, Entertainment, HowTo, and Comedy. Interestingly, all of these top categories have a significant over-index which demonstrates that B2S audience is 3–4 times more into Music, Entertainment, Comedy and HowTo content on YouTube than an average social media user.

Back-to-School enthusiasts love YouTube

If we look at YouTube’s share within the entire media world, YouTube channels have the highest over-index compared to the other types of media.

Back-to-School Shoppers Favorite YouTube Music Channels

Now, let`s drill down the YouTube taxonomy and identify which channels are most loved by the B2S enthusiasts. Starting with Music, we see that our audience enjoys watching videos of Post Malone, Childish Gambino, Kodak Black and TayZonday. All of these artists are significantly over-indexed against the average American, validating the fact that B2S enthusiasts strongly prefer these musicians on YouTube.

Back-to-School Shoppers Favorite YouTube Entertainment Channels

Next up are Entertainment channels on YouTube. James Charles is leading in this category with a whopping 752 index score! It means that B2S audience likes/shares/tags James Charles 7 times more than an average social media user. James Charles is an American internet personality, makeup artist, and model known for being the first male CoverGirl spokesperson. It is predictable that the women in this audience are interested in makeup, yet… out of a myriad of Internet personalities, celebrities and performers, James Charles gathers the most over-indexed fandom.

Back-to-School Shoppers Favorite YouTube Comedy Channels

Moving on to Comedy-focused YouTube channels. We can see that our target audience is watching MANY comedians. There is no single comedy channel on YouTube that takes up a lion`s share of the B2S group. On the opposite, our audience likes a very wide range of channels that produce comedy content. Nonetheless, we can still see that Tana Mongeau and DJ Akademics have a significantly higher interest from the B2S than from average social media users in the US.

Back-to-School Shoppers Favorite YouTube HowTo Channels

In the HowTo segment, Jackie Aina is leading the chart of the top HowTo vloggers for our group of interest. Her channel has a huge overindex of 1,846. None of the other channels from Music, Entertainment or Comedy segments have such a strong affinity to a seemingly niche beauty influencer: only 0.25% of social media users follow Jackie Aina online. It is very interesting that our B2S share so much affinity for this specific HowTo YouTuber.

Back-to-School Shoppers Top Influencer Categories

Across Back-to-School audience’s top YouTube categories, Music has the most concentrated interest around the top channels whereas Entertainment, Comedy, and HowTo interest is much more dispersed among dozens of channels. We cross-checked this fact by researching Statsocial’s influencer taxonomy in the B2S report. Music was the leading influencer category, which shows that Music content is important to the B2S crowd within YouTube as well as outside of it.

If you are new to us, we are StatSocial, the leading social audience insight platform on the market today. We help brands, publishers, and agencies understand and target their audiences. We invite you to click HERE to check out our website. Please click around and explore some of our sample reports to get a sense of everything we can uncover.

Author: Stacy Tsultsumova