A Data-Driven Approach to Consumer Engagement

StatSocial partners with B2C, CPG, and other consumer-focused companies to help them reach and engage their target audiences. Our Silhouette Audience Intelligence Platform helps identify key persona and affinity groups across social and community networks to fill critical gaps in your existing datasets.

StatSocial Consumer Data

Connect Social Insights to Your Existing Customer Data

Enrich your first-party data or licensed purchase data with Silhouette’s social audience insights including their demographic profiles, interests, passions, and more. 

Define Target Personas Based on Buyer Attributes

Use Silhouette to identify similarities across your consumers’ interests, passions, or personalities, helping to inform your future persona development process.


Scale Reach Beyond Your Existing Target List

After discovering the unique characteristics that define your buyer personas, leverage Silhouette to find consumers just like them from our database of 300 million identities.

Engage your Audience on Their Preferred Channels

Gain an understanding of the social and earned media channels your audiences most frequently engage with so you can take a more targeted approach to outreach.

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Your Influencer Campaigns

Identify the optimum mix of nano, micro, and macro influencers based on the audiences you want to engage and the impact they will have on buyer decision-making.

Integrate Social Data With Third-Party Systems

Through Silhouette Connector, send social data to any third-party system including your DMP, CRM, attribution platform, or directly to paid media partners.

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